Hello world!

Welcome to the iBoga Clinic, in the Far North of New Zealand Aotearoa.

It is more than a year since we attended the second International Conference in Barcelona, and completed the Ibogaine Provider Training organized by Ben de Loenen at the School of Gestalt Therapy in Barcelona.

Since our return we have renovated our Coffee shop and Herbal Dispensary in the Far North of New Zealand, and added an iBoga treatment room. Australian Ibogaine providers  joined us in February 2011 and helped us initiate the new clinic with our first opiate detox, and since then we have been quietly building up our experience and learning about the safe use of the medicine.

To date, we have now supervised 9 opiate detox and 2 methamphetamine, as well as several “other addictions”. We are now starting to receive calls from all over NZ and Australia and are ready to move full time into drug detox, as well as developing an aftercare facility house at the beach, where young people can receive instruction and education in life skills such as cooking, building, surfing etc

The latest development is that we have been referred a methamphetamine detox from the NZ Department of Justice, which went very well, so we are quietly building up a record of successful cases, – all but one of the people treated here has continued drug free.

The Ibogaine Conference In Barcelona was a really enjoyable experience, and amazingly valuable in our learning on how to use this medicine. Meeting the International Iboga tribe was a very warming experience, and we look forward to renewing our connection.

Many Thanks and Much Love to everybody

Cornelius and Anah van Dorp