March 2012 UpDate

Hey There Folks! Our Iboga Clinic is moving along! We are now doing regular treatments at Te Whare Rongoa, attached to the Herb Shack Cafe.

We have 2 treatment rooms set up that are now getting booked in advance, mainly by Aussies and Kiwis, but we have seen an increasing number of hits from other countries – UK, USA, Mexico – even Guatemala! Our one opiate addict who went back to opium returned for another treatment, so – for a brief period – we had a 100% success rate.

Another doctor, an MD from the US came along for a treatment, and was so impressed he is planning to come back and help us grow the service here in the Far North. Synchronously, we had a visit from another good friend who owns a perfect piece of land here in the Far North for a large healing retreat centre, but – for now – things are ticking along beautifully at the IBOGA CLINIC!

Many of the enquiries we are getting are about other addictions, or just cleaning up the demons after decades of self abuse and poly-drug abuse. As I said to one of the people enquiring about the treatments –

These are not the specific applications that are becoming accepted Internationally – ie opiate addiction, but I think iBoga is equally useful as a complete brain reset – in this way it can be useful for any addictions, – you kind of set your intent and then the plant medicine supplies the energy – the kick in the pants – to allow you to put your intent into action. At the same time it can bring a deep realisation of where one has  been messing things up – for example with Romance or Relationships.

You need to be aware however that the journey can be quite traumatic – purgative to some extent, and some people dont like ike it – although I think everyone benefits from the anti depressive and anti anxiety effects it has for a minimum of 30 days post dose and normally up to 90 days – and often this period allows people to get their lives together …

So in summary I think it can really help in these situations, being careful to say also that no promises are made, except that we focus a lot on keeping you safe if you wish to experience this amazing plant healer.

Let us know if you want to do it, and when your preference would be …