Feedback April 2012

This is some positive feedback from a client who was treated at our Iboga Clinic a few weeks ago. He had a history of polydrug and alcohol abuse for many years, with latterly a serious daily addiction to methamphetamine for the last 6 years. He had detoxed with the help of AA and other psychotherapy – and was now free of drugs and alcohol for 21 months.

His purpose and intention for the Iboga journey was to deal with the demons that still afflicted him from his earlier days addicted to drugs- He had a lot of memories that caused him a lot of shame- and these indeed were the memories that came up for clearing. There were some difficult times during the treatment, and at several points he thought he was gong to be left in a bad place in the middle of all his shameful memories. However, the plant medicine took him though all of this, and at the end of the treatment he was very happy with his progress

His comments a few weeks later were as follows

‘I spoke last night at one of our AA meetings about Iboga and me. I was received with interest and a degree of curious scepticism at the meeting but definitely no criticism and some people are watching me with considerable interest especially with regard to my Liver function which brings me to my next point; which is that each day i am feeling decidedly well!

‘My urine this morning which is usually darkish was clear almost. Also a grittiness and sensitiveity of my eyes to light first thing in the morning is just not present! I wake and my eyes are open and do not sting at all! I sleep well. I went to the Gym yesterday for the first time since before Iboga and had the best workout i can remember,. Especially that i did not fatigue. Just tired as anyone would. That is the other very noticeable aspect – no fatigue. There is not a hint of depression either in the air like there generally was upon waking every day and it was effort to motivate myself.

‘The real unusual aspect to all this is that, unlike what it must be like for people who use artificial medications to deal with say depression or anxiety,..I feel decidedly normal! And in a way that is a little foreign to me having not experienced feeling this well since i was a teen i think.

‘So my friends – you deserve a medal for your commitment to service for posterity and humanity.’

Lots of Love              I bags IBOGA!  ……….IBOGA BOOGIES!