A Journey to Canada and Mexico

Hi Folks! We have just returned from a month away overseas in Canada and Mexico. It has been a few months since our last update, but we have been very busy at the Iboga Clinic, with quite a few happy drug-free new friends.

In Canada we attended the 3rd International Conference for Ibogaine Providers in Vancouver – a very inspiring meeting of Iboga providers from 17 different countries. We presented what we are doing here in the Far North of New Zealand, and also presented some of the 38 cases we have treated to date. The convener of the conference, Canadian Jonathon Dickinson, has since posted an excellent summary of the proceedings on the GITA website

We learnt a lot, not only from the Conference, but also from the clinics we visited in Mexico following the Conference. Our intention now is to update our blog quite regularly over the next few months and share some of the presentations and some of what we learnt.

Flying to Mexico City, we paid a visit first to Barry and Veronica in Tepoztlan, about an hour by bus south of the megalopolis. These two providers we had met in Vancouver at the Conference, then became fast friends with them in their amazing hidden valley in which they have been offering treatments for a few years now.

Corn and Anah at the living pyramid overlooking the valley of Tepoztlan

Corn and Anah at the living pyramid overlooking the valley of Tepoztlan

From there we took an overnight bus over the mountains to the west coast, getting off the bus at 6am in Puerto Vallarta and catching another bus north to Sayulita, where we were picked up by Asha Carravelli and taken to the Dream House in San Pancho, set up by Rocky Carravelli about 7 years ago.

Rocky was in fact the very first Iboga provider Anah and I met – for the first time in Auckland in November 2009 – when he came to New Zealand to share his knowledge of the medicine, and then again at the second International Conference in Barcelona in 2010, and then again in Vancouver. We had been trying to get to his Dream House for a visit ever since, so it was delightful to find it even more impressive than we had imagined it to be – have a look at some of the pictures on this Dream House album we just posted on our Iboga Clinic facebook site.