Positive Feedback

We love it when we get positive feedback – the more the better!

And we are getting lots of it – and next to nil negative feedback. Usually the negative feedback comes on Day 1 or Day 2 – its not uncommon to get feedback on the morning after treatment like “I’m NEVER EVER going to do that again!!!!” – but by the next day its “Well, maybe in twenty years time!” – and a few days later its “Oh My God! –  I’m going to have to tell all my friends about this!!!!

We have some very clear and amusing memories of feedback – like the time Jimbob  – (you know who you are mate!) –  got to Day 3 and decided he would try and smoke a cigarette again. What we remember is him sitting on the front step with a tremor so bad he couldn’t get the lighter flame to connect with the end of the cigarette, meanwhile muttering curses under his breath and complaining to us – “This is the house of horrors man!” – But again, a few days later he was calling his friends and telling him they had to do this also it was so amazing!

Anyway here is another heart warming letter- with the names changed to protect identity. This letter was from the parents of one of our clients, who wrote the letter to another detox clinic in Auckland – we just had to share it with everybody and got their permission to do so

Dear Michelle,
We thought you would be interested in an update about how Dilly is going.  After doing some research we agreed with Dilly that she would have treatment with ibogaine.  I’m sure you must have heard of this form of treatment for addiction, although it is still regarded as an alternative approach. On 19 November 2012, Dilly travelled to Kaitaia and came under the care of Dr Cornelius and Anah Van Dorp who have successfully treated many people with drug addictions.  On 22 November, Dilly underwent ibogaine treatment.  She then spent the next three weeks in Anah and Cornelius’ care.  Since then she has not had an addiction to methadone or any other drug and has now been clean for over four months.

She has decided to make a new life in the Far North and is living in a supportive environment with two other people who have both also had successful ibogaine treatment.  She is receiving ongoing support and counselling as well as lifestyle assistance from Anah and Cornelius which has helped her to establish a whole new life.  She is involved in a number of community activities and is growing every day.

She spent three weeks with us in Auckland over December and January and another few days this month.  We cannot believe how well she is and the positive change in her and her life.   We have our daughter back!

Given the established success rates for drug addiction, which we now know to be very low, we thought you would be interested in Dilly’s story.