Te Whare Rongoa – House of Medicine

We are  –Te Whare Rongoa –  te reo Maori – House of Medicine –

Services at the moment are delivered from The Iboga Clinic in Kaitaia, Te Hiku O Te Ika (The Tail of the Fish) Far North, New Zealand.

We can be contacted in the Far North at +64 – 9 – 4083017. 

Trustees and Iboga Providers

Dr Cornelius van Dorp, Medical Director, MB, CHB, FRNZCGP, FDRHMNZ.

With Xochipilli = Aztec good of dreams visions and psycho-active plants

With Xochipilli = Aztec good of dreams visions and psycho-active plants

 Dr van Dorp, a graduate of the Auckland University School of Medicine, has spent the last twenty years practising as a GP and Rural Hospital physician in the Far North of New Zealand. Since the mid-1990s he has incorporated plant medicine into his practise, more recently focusing his attention and developing services around the properties of this amazing West African plant, Tabernanthe iboga, and its use in drug and alcohol detoxification, and treatment of multiple addictions.

Anah Angelean van Dorp, Manager.

Anah Angelean showing people how to recognise the healing properties of kawakawa

Anah Angelean showing people how to recognise the healing properties of kawakawa

Anah is a Ngapuhi Princess from Ngawha, and has spent the last 6 years setting up the Herb Shack cafe,  and studying International and Indigenous Maori medicine – Rongoa –  incorporating the use of Plant medicine into the Cafe – Let Food be your Medicine and Medicine be your Food – and overseeing the foundation of Te Mara Rongoa Marino – the Peaceful Medicine Garden – on the banks of the stream behind the Shack.  The Vision of The Herb Shack is to be replicated in every town in New Zealand, to help resurrect our ancient heritage of Plant Medicine and share it with Everybody.

Peter Bruce. Chairman

Hi, I'm Peter Bruce. I welcome your comments and welcome enquiries if you want help with your stakeholder engagement processes. Email peter@stakeholderengagement.co

Hi, I’m Peter Bruce. I welcome your comments and welcome enquiries if you want help

Peter is a Professor and Teacher of new paradigm business, and has his own website to network and encourage ethical business throughout our communities. He is in process of  coordinating the establishment of Te Whare Rongoa – the iBoga Trust – as a viable community based business to help the healing of our communities, especially in assisting our young people in becoming free of drug and alcohol addictions.

Blog http://stakeholderengagementnz.wordpress.com/

John Clarke- psychiatric nurse and trustee. 

John, a keen ecology and permaculture expert, checking the soil at a possible site for the big healing centre.

John has worked as a psychiatric nurse for twenty years and has developed a passionate  interest in the use of entheogenic or psychoactive plant medicines in mental health disease  and drug and alcohol addictions, as well as spiritual growth. Also a keen follower of sustainable landscaping and permaculture,  here he takes a look at the soil at a possible site for Te Whare Rongoa nui!


Tautau working really hard on his job as music instructor.

Tautau working really hard on his job as music instructor.

Tautau is from the South Island pre-Maori Nation of Waitaha. He was for a year the leading Iboga provider at Te Whare Rongoa – coming from a background of opiate addiction he was the first detox at our Iboga Clinic back in 2010 and has become our rehab coordinator, surfing instructor, music and zen instructor. At the moment he is taking a break and working at his art of Whakairo – master carver, carving the Pou and entrance to a Waitaha marae in the deep south of Te Wai Pounamu. 


Chief chef with some dairy free gluten free treats.

Chief chef with some dairy free gluten free treats.

Executive chief chef extraordinaire, Paul is the heart and engine room of the Herb Shack cafe. He has become a specialist in gluten and dairy free cooking, with the growing awareness of how much gluten products get broken down to weak stimulation of the opiate receptors – and how they can trigger drug addiction. His food is exquisite, and he readily shares his recipes with clients – several of whom have come to an understanding of the importance of gluten avoidance in living a pain and addiction free life.

When this was advertised in the local paper a lot of locals came in sympathetically and had coffee and food – but the gluten free dairy free population out there is still very small, so – actually – the Cafe is Officially closed, and we are Te Whare Rongoa – the Medicine House, and the HerbShack is history!

The HerbShack had a life of its own along with Te Mara Rongoa Marino – the Peaceful Medicine Garden, across the creek.


30 thoughts on “Te Whare Rongoa – House of Medicine

      • Could cornelious please make contact with me via my email i met you at kaitaia hosp when was nursing my father in room1 we discussed your clinic and possibilities for few people i know in Auckland however my concern at the moment is the amount of people one very close to me at present that are willy nilly prescribed antidepressents by unqualified phychiatric capable gps that are not following up or making patients aware of the side effects of taking said medications can cause and am getting fed up with how these drugs are affecting peoples lives and not treating the issues that are not being diagnosed or investigated before prescribing ie the new pain relief therapy of giving people antidepresents as pain killers and yet no mri or ctscan or xray or blood test to chq if these medicines are right for the ailment or the patients chemistry etc. Or addressing why they need the medication for depression in the first place. Can you tell me if the side effects of Zyban could actually cause psychosis and if your detox program would benifit getting off them and followed through with the spiritual healing would be a better way to help someone than just quitting the meds and sinking into depression from psychotic outburst and guilt that is out of character causing the body to get stressed getting the medication out of their system to regain themselves gain. Or would chlorela be a good way to rid the body of the toxins to clear the way for simple lifestyle changes and healthy diet and maybe even herbal vitamin and mineral therapy and why do gps not do mandatory blood tests to chq a patients levels before prescribing antidepresents firstly when it culd just been a major deficiency cause by and previous illness or something. Anyhoo could you please contact me asap so I can help my friend get through this ordeal before it gets ugly thanks heaps

      • Allo Carol, thanks for getting in touch. Basically the answer to your question about using Iboga to get off anti-depressants is that we have found it to be very useful. We have had two cases that came off SSRI antidepressants in the context of an opiate detox, and did not need the antidepreesants following. We have also had two cases that were on antidepressants only – one on fluoxitene for depreessive symtpms and lack of meaning in life, sadness, sorrow etc, and the other one on zoloft for depression with outbursts of anger tantrums. Both of these people came off their ‘happy pills’ – at 3 months the first one was doing OK, not depressed but not totally in a happy zone either, felt he did not need the fluoxitene any more and was gong on with his life with a greater understanding of his parents and where they came from – his journey was all about connecting with his parents and he came though witha much deeper understanding of where they came from. The second case had his life transformed and his staff at his place of work were all astonished at the change in his temperament. At about 3 months he felt he was still doing OK but felt he needed a booster – which he came and had about a month ago and now feels great.
        I agree with your criticisms of GPs and think that the anti=depressants are used far too much – a lot of depression is caused by a general lack of meaning in life – probably often combined with post traumatic stress or lack of love in the crucial formative years, or even stress felt by the mother while they were still in the womb (See Gabor Mate’s book ‘In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts’ for a great review of how out formative years shape our behaviours and our addictions etc etc.) Our doctors are trained only in 1 modality – pharmacotherapy – and this is probably life saving when you have MAD – Major Affective Disorder. Most of the time however patients aren’t severely depressed and I think what is needed is counselling, psychotherapy, or above all a spiritual connection with Life the Universe and God – and this is what this wonderful entheogenic (God connecting) oneirogenic (dream inducing) plant medicine specialises in!

      • cheers for response yes my m8 is doing better she wanted me to go stay with her but I was too sore to travel so we had a discussion and i think the funeral of her m8s relative and then me dealing with loosing dad has triggered the poor dears fear of lossing loved ones back she had to birth her dead son few years back and then few weeks later her brother died and new years day is anniversery of her niece dying too and as this is the time of year it all took place its just sent her for a skate but as her and I have addressed it together she had also had a suicide attempt under my roof when she was 17 so we gota lota history so could truthfully address with out digging too deep cause we went thru these times together so I think she doing alot better now but styl think your clinic stay may well be life changing for her to finish that healing path for herself to be the awesum loving mum to her two kids she can be and be safe in her own skin again too. Will let you know if she interested ok Cheers Carol

  1. I am a Psychotherapist/Coucellor working in private practise in Sydney, mainly in the field of addictions .
    Last Easter i travelled to Peru and took part in Ayahuasca ceremonies ;and have been researching Iboga and other related treatments . i had know idea that it was this available close to home . i use my own Non Duel model for the understanding , and concider the plant medicines as an excellent way of introducing unity. i believe that this must be facilitated by Shaman as the breaking away from this became the origin of abuse. i would like to visit your facility over easter , would that be possible ? peace Brad Mills

    • Hey Brad, it was nice to talk to you the other night – it sounds like we could spend a lot of time together talking and sharing about what we are doing – did you decide whether or not to come over for Easter? I think the only way we could work that is if you can make it on Thursday the 5th, as you need a minimum of 4 days here, and I am flying out for a couple of weeks on Tuesday the 10th – what do you say?

  2. I’m looking for an email as well so I can email a specific question in regard to ibogaine for someone on cymbalta that wants to get off this drug and depression. Thanks!

    • Hey Eric, you can try me at corndoc@xtra.co.nz – we have recently been getting increasing experience in detoxing people from pharmaceuticals, such as SSRI anti-depressants, as well as the classical indications of heroin, methadone etc – look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Marty – price depends on what your iboga treatment is for. Detox from opiates or methamphetamine is more expensive than alcohol for example, and other addiction treatment less expensive still – if you are interested in further details please get in touch via email corndoc@xtra.co.nz

  3. i understand that this is an ibogaine treatment clinic to get off opiates and other drug addictions,i would really love to break my methadone addiction and try ibogaine to do it.my name is cole and my e.mail is xaqshn0@telstra.com could you please let me know when i could come for a session.

  4. hi, could we please discuss my treatment regarding methadone withdrawal,i would like to know the costs ect, please e-mail me on attached address thank-you Sandra

    • Hi Sandra, sorry to have taken so long to respond – we’ve just written an answer to Talbot on some of the issues regarding methadone withdrawal – have a look at the website for that – and I’ll copy it to your email also – Love and Light

  5. Hi there im on the methodone and am interested to know your prices and is it any easier to come off on the iboga if you are on a lower dose of methadone or does it make no difference.. Also is there a waiting list can you explain to me how it stops the hideous withdrawals. Ta

    • It doesnt really matter how much methadone you’re on, but methadone has a very long half life, so some iboga providers will want to switch you onto a shorter acting opiate like morphine or oxycodone for a day or two to get the methadone levels down – for example if you’re on 100mg methadone you’ll still have 50mg in the system 24hrs later, and 25mg 24hrs later, and so on. Ive found its quite easy to detox from methadone though – sometimes you have to top up with an iboga booster dose the next day. The iboga occupies the opiate receptors and resets them to zero, so no cold turkey – happens within an hour or two of taking the medicine – then if there’s still a bit of methadone around the next day – might have to give a little more – and its done! Miraculous! Yes! There is no cold turkey withdrawal syndrome – no kicking – no vomiting – no diarrhoea – nothing – but the iboga takes you on a journey that is sometimes quite traumatic for people for a day or two – might bring up a lot of old shit that is buried in your subconscious for clearing out – might take you to relive some private nightmares – but in my experience it ALWAYS moves you through that and leaves you in a good place. More than that it has an prolonged anti-anxiety and anti -depressant effect – if you want to see the evidence for that we’ve put it in a slide show about our clinic and who we are etc – and posted it on our facebook site – http://www.facebook.com/IbogaClinic

      One problem with methadone however – just to let you know – you wont have any cold turkey or acute withdrawal symptoms – but its such a sticky drug and even without the withdrawal symptoms there can be a few weeks or even a few months of insomnia (sleeplessness) and fatigue (cant get off the couch) after methadone. That can take a bit f support to get through – it can be quite a drag – and we will give you some preparation and some ideas on how to deal with that process as we’ve been taught by some of our dear friends who have come off methadone themselves and now provide iboga detox for others – but there are none of the ‘hideous’ withdrawal symptoms you mentioned.

      For discussion re costs etc can you please email us at anah@herbshack.co.nz – sweet – end of the torture is in sight – lots of love and kindly regards from us at the Iboga Clinic.

      • Fantastic stuff. Could you tell me one more thing? As it is easier to come off morphine or even heroin than methadon do you guys as part of the treatment ween you over to morphine or subuxone from methadone before the iboga as ive heard they do at other treatment centres overseas. Ta Talbot

      • Hey Talbot – yes we prefer for you to go onto quick acting opiates for at least a few days, when coming off methadone, to allow some of the sticky methadone to wash out of the system. But suboxone is even stickier – some ibo providers will not treat until you are 3 weeks off suboxone.\

  6. I would love to come to a treatment for spiritual and emotional purposes . Do you let people come volunteer to come work off the payment for the treatment ?

  7. Hi there,
    I am very interested in using Iboga psycho-spiritually to access answers or guidance. I was wondering what sort of price is involved? I’m currently finishing my degree and would probably have to save some money so I would not be available until next year, but I am looking into all resources now so that I can have some preparation time if I am led to take this path.
    Please get back to me by email.

    • Hi Katie, current prices at te whare rongoa, the medicine house, in $NZ – for methamphetamine and methadone detox 6500+GST, other opiates, cocaine, marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs 5000+GST, other addictions and hikoi wairua (spiritual journey) 3500+GST. hope you feel led to this path katie – blessings and peace.

  8. Hiya,

    In the UK I spent a small period of time using very low doses of Iboga (much much lower than the flood dose level). It gave me very real assistance with various aspects of my everyday life. It helped me hone my my ability to connect with people in my customer service job – which bought a lot of joy into my work life. It also facilitated some wonderful therapeutic conversations between me and my partner.

    It’s clear to me that Iboga has amazing potential at lower doses. I can easily imagine it being used as a productive companion in therapy sessions.

    Do you know of research being done on Iboga’s potential at lower doses?

    • Hey there Sam, yes I believe you are right on that – Ive found the same thing and this was a big topic of discussion at the provider training in Vancouver last year – I think providers around the word are moving in the direction of using lower doses even in opiate detox – and also finding sometimes that we can treat people that are medically unfit for the big flood dose therapy. There is also a history of its use like this – I think in the indigenous context people only have 1 or 2 big flood doses, but use smaller doses as an adaptogenic type herbal treatment. Also the Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo used to use smaller doses – can’t remember exactly but I think only in the range of 5mg/kg of HCL, or less – he even took a French patent for its use in psychotherapy – I’m not a great fan of the patent industry in general but it is interesting to look at the history – it is an amazing healing plant isn’t it!!

      • Hi 🙂 Thanks for the reply

        Yes, I think Iboga is one of the most extraordinary things ever.

        Do you offer lower dose prescriptions at the Iboga Clinic? If not. Do you know if such a thing is likely to become available in NZ?

  9. I’m really interested in doing the detox for methadone 100 mgs daily. Before i fly over for at least 2-3 days i can swap my methadone for oxycodone but what dose to take ? I’m only on a careers pention so really need to know the costs of everything. I need to be clean of drugs, i’m a cancer surviviour and im 46 y/old i cant keep doing this to my self.

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