UPDATE December 15 2015.

As most people reading this will know we stopped doing treatments at the Iboga Clinic in July 2013 after a fatality at our clinic. Two and a half years later the HDC report is out – basically saying that we breached our own protocols at the clinic – the protocols were good but because of circumstances the treatment should have been cancelled and it was not – so we are responsible and have made an apology to the family of the patient. On the bright side the HDC found that our clinic protocols were good and outlined a way to begin treatments again with official sanction. However, at this point , the Coronial investigation has not been completed  and so the New Year of 2016 still has us with no plans to resume treatments in New Zealand, or anywhere, but we are booked to go to the March 2016 Iboga Conference in Tepoztlan, Mexico… so we shall see what emerges.

Till then we feel safe enough to release our official case list with doses of Iboga alkaloids used and in what form – a small sample size of just over 50 people with fantastic results as of July 2013 and in future we will actively follow these people, many of whom became friends, and post a long term outcome update…

CASE LIST. People treated with Iboga alkaloids at the Iboga Clinic

24 Puckey Avenue, Kaitaia, New Zealand.


Case 1. Feb 2011

24 y o female opiate addict from Brisbane, Australia. She had been on the methadone program for 4 years, and her treatment was paid for by her father. She was stabilised on quick acting morphine for a few days prior to treatment to allow the methadone to wash out of her system. Treated with Ibogaine hydrochloride total dose about 24mg/kg. She required several booster doses over 10 days to detox from the methadone, and has kept in touch with the iBoga Clinic via facebook, through which she tells us she had one minor lapse in 2011 and is still drug free.

Case 2. April 2011

24 y o male, addicted to oxycontin in Auckland, NZ. He had been experimenting with drugs from 17 y o, and latterly developed a habit to opiates. 1 month prior he had attempted suicide by hanging, and spent two weeks in intensive care following this. He was brought by his father in April 2011, but was found to be too fragile to treat after his recent suicide attempt. He was taken into our pre- treatment program of nutrition, exercise, and exposure to small amounts of Ibogaine, which proved to be dream inducing for him. One month later he had his Ibogaine journey and then taken into a post detox rehab program for 2 months. Ibogaine flood dose approx 15mg/kg. He continues free of opiates and has returned to active and creative life.

Case 3.  May 2011

31 y o male, detoxed off 100mg methadone in December 2010, taken into the Iboga Clinic rehab program for several months. Clean from opiates for 5 months. He bumped his hand out surfing and took some codeine for pain relief. Before he knew it he was eating handfuls of codeine, and having severe withdrawal symptoms. Stabillised on morphine for 48 hours, and treated with mix of Ibogaine hydrochloride and total alkaloid extract, successful but punishing journey, total dose ibogaine 22.2mg/kg – he required 1 more booster in 2012 and remains opiate free in July 2013.

Case 4. June 2011

NZ Male age 28, multi drug abuse for some years in Brisbane, Australia, culminating in addiction to opiates on the form of oxycontin, with the last 3 years being on the methadone program on a dose of 110mg methadone daily. HIs habit was to pick up his dose 3 times a week, and then go home to inject the take home dose IV. Stabilised on IV morphine for several days then treated with ibogaine hydrochloride, required one small booster dose the following day only. Total ibogaine Hcl dose He was taken onto the rehab program for one month at the beach, and continues drug free Sept 2013.

Case 5. June and August 2011

25 year old male from Hamilton who had been addicted to methamphetamine for 3-4 years. In the last year he had been smoking it several times daily. Recently sacked from his job as a carpet layer and brought for treatment by his Father.

He was treated with the protocol developed by Rocky Caravelli, Mexican Dream House, for methamphetamine addiction. This included a small test dose initially of iIbogaine HCl 5.9mg/kg, followed 2 days later by a larger flood dose of 14.7mg/kg. He should have stayed on for another booster on Day 5 but he did not complete this and returned to Wellington prior to having his 3rd dose. Total dose of Ibogaine Hcl 20.6mg/kg.

One month later he returned to his former addictive habits, and two months later he was arrested and jailed for disruptive and violent behaviour. He was then referred back to the iBoga Clinic by the Court, on bail and under curfew, to complete his detox, which he went through successfully, and was then taken into Te Whare Rongoa rehab program for approx 6 months after which he was congratulated by the judge for good behaviour and taken off bail conditions. Total Flood dose on return Ibogaine Hcl 20mg/kg.

Case 6. November 2011.

56 year old Professional.  He had suffered from Crohns Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, having had 3 abdominal operations with excision of bowel. After one of the operations he became addicted to pethidine, and from this developed an addiction to morphine latterly injecting several hundred milligrams IV daily.

Because of past history of DVT he was covered with prophylactic dose of subcut enoxaparin 40mg daily. His detox was very intense and difficult, requiring the use of benzodiazepines to control panic and anxiety. Total dose of ibogaine 24.4mg/kg. He was discharged on Day 5, with his wife having been educated in gluten and dairy free cooking.

At one month he returned to the iBoga Clinic for a visit, drug and pain free. He was almost unrecognisable he looked so much better. He has now learned to identify several foods that flared up his abdominal pain and 2 years later continues drug and pain free.

Case 7. November 2011

45 year old male opiate detox from Australia. He had been on methadone program for about 30 years, initially detoxed in Amsterdam, stayed off opiates for 2 years, then lapsed – was treated 1 year prior in Australia, free from opiates for approximately 1 year then lapsed again, taking methadone, oxycontin, heroin, morphine, mostly orally but also IV at times. Recently found to be hyperthyroid – realising his symptoms were not opiate withdrawal but symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Now on carbimazole, normalised thyroid function – wishes to detox off opiates. Stabilised on oral oxycontin for several days and treated with Ibogaine hydrochloride. Long and difficult case lasting 7 days before he felt good. Ibogaine HCl flood dose on 1st night 21mg/kg. He required several boosters over the week with his Total Ibogaine HCl dose 33.3mg/kg. Continues drug free Sept 2013.

Case 8. December 2011

37 year old female, on methadone for several years to control severe neurological type burning pain in shoulders, spine, buttocks, legs and feet. Stabilised on methadone 60mg daily

Flood dose on first day brought detoxification from the opiates, (flood dose of Ibogaine Hcl 18mg/kg) but the pain returned the following day. Booster dose brought up visions and memories of severe traumatic physical abuse as a young child. Pain returned the following day and she required 2 more doses over the next few days, with the pain receding each day until after the 4th dose she was basically pain free.

A bottle of wine on Day 5 brought back a return of physical withdrawal symptoms, including tremor, loss of control of temperature regulation, piloerection. Further small booster dose cleared these symptoms, though they returned for the next week or so, in a mild form, not requiring any further detox. Total ibogaine Hcl dose 41.6mg/kg.

At 6 weeks the pain returned and she returned for a small booster dose of 9.6mg/kg Ibogaine Hcl which was successful for 6 months. Then she started lapsing taking small doses of codeine and returned for another small booster of Total Alkaloid 20% Ibogaine. 2 years later she remains with pain under control and opiate free. She had considerable problems with depression but at 1 year post treatment she was discharged from mental health services and we received a friendly and impressed letter from her psychiatrist. Her methadone provider was also impressed which in turn brought an invitation to present to the National Asociation of Opiate Treatment Providers, which was achieved in April 2012.

This case brought an increased understanding of the method of action of iboga alkaloids, and an appreciation of their ability to not only detox from drugs and alcohol, but to dig down deeper and bring about healing of past traumas on a profound level. This then allowed creative pain free life without the need for stimulation or sedation with pharmaceutical substances.

Case 9.  December 2011

23 y o male for psycho-therapeutic journey  – treated with Total Alkaloid 30% – had a profound journey with lots of insights into his life process. Total dose of Total Alkaloid 21.8mg/kg which was 30% Ibogaine Hcl so total Ibogaine HCl was 6.54mg/kg but the effects were more like expected from 18-20mg/kg showing the complementary effects of the other plant alkaloids.

Case 10. January 2012.

25 y o male for psycho-therapeutic journey. History of trying many drugs but not addicted to any. Treated with Total Akaloid 30% total dose 24.65mg/kg. Highly effective – felt a great benefit.

Case 11. February 2012

36 y o methamphetamine addict – spent many years working day job plus nights as a DJ, taking lots of cocaine, LSD, MJ, MDMA party drugs latterly daily methamphetamine for some years.  Recently started getting episodes of severe suicidal depression. SSRI antidepressant had no effect.

Treated over 2 weeks with Rocky Carravelli protocol, -Total AlkALOID 30% – initial trial dose 5mg/kg, then after 5 days TA 15/mg/kg. Highly successful, off all drugs and alcohol feeling great returned to work. 2 years later is still free of drugs, required a couple of small boosters of 400mg TA. Total dose TA 25mg/kg.

Case 12. February 2012

61 y o female psycho-therapeutic – came with her partner for support but decided to try it for herself even though she was not initially attracted to it. Treated with Total Alkaloid 30% – total dose 20.8mg/kg. She had quite a traumatic journey – felt like she was having harsh chemotherapy – but a few days later felt better in herself

Case 13. February 2012

64 y o male medical doctor.  Psycho-therapeutic. Total Alkaloid 30% total dose 20mg/kg. Profound journey – laid him flat on bed for 3 days – his comment – “what a powerful plant!” Left after 4 days feeling calm and focused.

Case 14. February 2012

24 y o female heroin and methamphetamine addict from Auckland. Treated with Ibogaine HCL – total dose 17.6mg/kg   Successful detox and at 1 week was looking 100% better, no pock marks, eating a lots of good food. However returned to the city the following week and quickly took up her old habits.

Case 15. March 2012

33 y o male previous successful detox from methadone about a year prior. Returned for a psycho therapeutic session to go through some other issues that were bothering him, treated with Total Alkaloid 30% total dose 24mg/kg  – had quite a purgative experience but felt “awesome” afterwards and continues opiate free September 2013.

Case 16. March 2012

53 y o male with hx of polydrug abuse, mostly alcohol but latterly daily IV methamphetamine for about 7 years. Detoxed and clean about a year and a half. Wanted to have a treatment to ‘dispel the demons’ from his years of drug taking. Treated with Ibogaine hydrochloride Flood dose 17mg/kg Hcl, Total dose over 3 days 28.6mg/kg – Had a very powerful psychotherapeutic journey, dealt with a lot of his old issues – one month later wrote a glowing report, continues drug free September 2013.

Case 17. April 2012

53 y o male addiction counsellor who had previously experienced ayahuasca therapy and wanted to find out if iboga could be a part of his addiction treatment protocols for some of his clients. Previously alcoholic. Overweight at 134kg, treated on lean weight calculated at 100kg. Treated with Total Alkaloid 30% – He had a mild journey though dosed quite high –TA total dose 32mg/kg or if judged on full weight 23.5mg/kg. He followed up by sending several clients for drug detox.

Case 18. May 2012

38 y o male Heroin addict from Australia – treated with Ibogaine HCL – good detox with no problems – Total dose Ibogaine Hcl 21.6mg/kg. stayed an extra week to try and get further away from his old addictive patterns, returned to Australia – free of Heroin for approximately 6 weeks then gradually returned to it for some months – then detoxed without ibogaine and September 2013 remains drug free and has created a new life style for himself in Sydney.

Case 19. May 2012

59 y o male for psychotherapeutic journey – had previously had a journey with ibogaine hydrochloride – now wanted to try total alkaloid, – mediocre journey in spite of very large dose Total Alkaloid 30% (33mg/kg) – a few fleeting dream images only, but good afterglow.

Case 20. June 2012, & February 2013

29 y o female methadone addict – without telling us she took a very large dose of methadone IV the day before (300mg) so her treatment was very long and drawn out – and very traumatic – involving repeated doses of ibogaine HCL to treat ongoing withdrawal symptoms for days, followed by days of severe ataxia, admitted to Kaitaia Hospital for 2 days during this period for rehydration. Flood dose Ibogaine Hcl 21.5mg/kg, total dose of ibogaine Hcl 46mg/kg. Total treatment time 13 days. End result excellent – clear of methadone for 5 months, but then returned to taking daily doses of oxycontin.

Returned in 2013 for repeat detox – treated with Ibogaine HCl total dose 20mg/kg. Successful detox and denies continued opiate use as of July 2013.

Case 21. June 2012.

36 y o male ex international sports star – injured about 7 years prior and had to withdraw from sports career – spent some years taking lots of drugs – methamphetamine, party drugs, heroin – now free of drugs for a few years but wanted to deal with some of the issues from his drug taking – and other issues with relationships with parents – Treated with Total Alkaloid 30% – had a moderately strong journey – better on day 2 after 400mg ibogaine HCL – dealt with a lot of issues. He had a brief period on night three following treatment in which he became so involved in a lucid dream he could not get out of it – walking around the clinic in an altered reality – was able to be brought back to the clinic with difficulty and had insight into the fact that whenever he closed his eyes he would be in the dream reality – became a bit fearful – on day break he woke up and had no further recurrence of this phenomenon for the rest of his stay (1 week) Total Dose of TA 24.4mg/kg Day 2 addition of 4.4mg/kg HCl

Case 22. June 2012

20 y o male University student – detox from Prozac. Afflicted with a lot of anxiety and depression for last few years – wanted to be free of the drug. Took himself off it 2 weeks before. Treated with Total Alkaloid 30% and had quite a pleasant and deep journey into various issues – actually became his parents and relived their lives – good dream journey – felt very well in himself and free of the drug on leaving without any depression. Total Dose of TA 18mg/kg Boster of Ibogaine HCl Day 2 400mg = 6mg/kg

Case 23. July 2012

54 y o male methadone addict – stabilized on ocycontin for 1 week – treated with Ibogaine HCL – total dose 18.46mg/kg Had a good journey on first night, but following day became delusional and agitated – (no known history of psychosis) was able to be calmed down with benzodiazepines – day 2 became even more delusional – hypomanic delusional state – tried to attack the sitter with a knife – insisted on calling his wife to pick him up – left the treatment house. Contact was kept with him and his wife by phone and he recovered from the delusional state after a few days lying in bed – was sent small amount of ibogaine for residual symptoms of deep aching pain in legs – Booster 400mg of HCl = 6.15mg/kg. Took these and successfully completed detox. 3 months later had lapsed briefly but was free of opiates.

Case 24. July 2012.

45 y o high functioning professional male regular weekend binger with alcohol, methamphetamine, and heroin or pethidine. On Zoloft (SSRI)  for acute agitated depression and anger. Went off Zoloft 2 weeks prior to detox, (staff at his workplace were walking on egg shells as he had not had his ‘happy pills’) Day 1 treated with Total Alkaloid 30% – Flood dose 18mg/kg Very nauseating purgative journey without much visionary component. Day 2 flood dose of Ibogaine HCL total dose 19.4mg/kg very purgative – Left on day 3 thinking he had been scammed but returned with business partner on Day 5 insisting  that the business partner had to try it also. At 3 months he continued drug free (including off Zoloft) and feels his brain had a reset, 5 months he started lapsing and was retreated with Iboga PTA (80% ibogaine Hcl). July 2013 remains free of drugs.

Case 25. July 2012

38 y o female professional – issues with alcohol binging but mainly wished to experience the psycho-therapeutic journey – spent a lot of time preparing for journey with fasting, meditation, prayer – Treated with Total Alkaloid 30% 19mg/kg. – had an amazing night of visual lucid dreaming – made contact with Bwiti – awesome 3D color lucid dream journey with profound feeling of bliss and connectedness with all things.  Day 2 given 1 capsule of 200mg Ibogaine HCL which she felt took her out of the bliss into a realm of junkies and needles – the HCL switched off her journey for a whole day but the next few days she had a great afterglow.

Case 26. July 2012

37 y o wife of case 28 brought by him as he wanted her to feel the same benefit. History of weekend bingeing with her husband and also lots of duramine for weight loss and speed effects. Treated with Total Alkaloid 30%. Total dose 21.3mg/kg. Day 2 topped up with 200mg capsule of Ibogaine HCl. Had quite a purgative journey with not much visionary component, felt better after a few days.

Case 27. July 2012

33 y o male with history of polydrug abuse, especially methamphetamine. Not addicted to anything now – last few years he has been selling the drug and not taking it much – wanted to deal with past issues in his life and reset his life in a more positive direction. Treated with Total Alkaloid 30% 19.35mg/kg – Had a profound journey – made contact with one of his children who had died, healed some old traumas in his life. Day 2 Booster of 4.3mg/kg HCl. Felt ready to move on in a more positive direction and 1 year later remains free of drugs building a new life away from his former associates. Secured full time work with Maori health organisation working with youth with addictions.

Case 28. August 2012.

45 y o 120kg female with poly drug abuse since age 17 and on methadone program many years, also venlafaxine (antidepressant), quetiapine (anti-psychotic) massive dose of sleeping pills (6 zopiclone daily – which she took in the afternoon to make the methadone last longer and give her more energy so she could do housework! – a good illustration of how scrambled becomes the neurobiology of multi-drug users – (note; she did not disclose her zopiclone use in her medical history.)  She tailed off  all but the methadone 2 weeks prior but found the withdrawal symptoms from venlafaxine stronger than she could stand so took some last 2 days. In cooperation with her AOD doctor stabilised on oxycontin for last week prior to treatment. Treated with ibogaine Hcl – total dose 13.3 mg/kg. Had a good journey first night – some residual withdrawal symptoms next day so Day2 given more ibogaine HCl (600mg) = 5mg/kg with an even more vivid journey 2nd night – a lot of deeply buried nightmarish memories. Next day she went into an acute anxiety state and nothing would stop her getting an air ticket to get home to her husband. She took away two more ibogaine caps (total 400mg) and next day she called to say her whole body was screaming – so was told to take the 2 caps but to go and see her drug and alcohol doctor. Booster 3.3 mg/kg HCl. She called 1 week later to tell us she was off everything but her drug and alcohol doctor had re-started a very small dose of methadone (15mg) and she felt great. Three weeks later she had lost 20kg of weight and she felt wonderful, had become multi orgasmic and wanted to come off the rest of the methadone. She was then sent another 400mg of ibogaine and successfully came off the last 15mg. (Booster dose 4mg/kg) Stayed off opiates about 1 year then started having pain issues again and placed onto small dose of suboxone by her AOD doctor.

(This case, along with cases 22 and 24, brought a growing understanding that Iboga  can successfully detox from many other drugs apart from opiates and other drugs of abuse, including some of the more mainstream prescription anti-depressants and antipsychotics – not only detoxing from the drugs but also causing a ‘brain reset’ so the drugs are no longer needed.)

Case 29. August 2012.

66 y o male for psychotherapeutic journey – Total Alkaloid 30% total dose 21.43 mg/kg wonderful journey but not much visuals – though related lots of lucid dream sequences – good afterglow, 1 year later said he felt a positive effect for months and wishes to return for another treatment.

Case 30. August 2012

34 y o male with history of poly drug abuse and severe episodes of manic alcoholic frenzy. Also history of psychosis, on antipsychotic medication. Appeared to have good insight and understanding into his past history of psychosis and how it related to binges of drug and alcohol taking and showed a strong desire to get off the alcohol. Small test dose Total Alkaloid 30% 5mg/kg. given with no hint of any delusional behaviour or psychosis so larger flood dose given 3 days later – total dose TA 18mg/kg – with moderately good visual journey and good afterglow – also started on thiamine after recurrent lapses of memory and inattention to important tasks of daily living showing possible brain damage from the recurrent alcohol toxicity – overall showed a strong will to recover from his addictive habits, but after 2 months was not able to control his alcoholism and left our facility.

Case 31. August 2012

43 yo male with hx of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use, mainly psycho-therapeutic but also wished to deal with addictive habits. Had a deep journey in which he processed and dealt with a number of other issues in his life that were limiting his creativity – felt a great benefit from the treatment. Total dose 19mg/kg Total Alkaloid Extract 30%

Case 32. September 2012

56 y o male with heavy daily alcohol use – also on loxamine (SSRI antidepressant) detoxed at local hospital for 5 days on diazepam according to acute alcohol withdrawal protocol. Day 5 treated with flood dose of iboga Total Alkaloid 20%, 33mg/kg with mild psychotherapeutic journey. Day 2 booster topped up with 600mg Ibogaine Hcl = 7.5mg/kg ) with much more profound psychotherapeutic journey that he felt healed a lot of issues in his life – felt very satisfied with no desire for alcohol. Over the next few months he returned for 2 boosters of root bark extract 6% (5 gms and 8 gms) and remains drug and alcohol free and was an active and important part of the local therapy group.

Case 33. September 2012

56 y o male opiate addict – oxycontin IV – some years, methamphetamine for some yrs prior to that and alcohol prior to that. Currently taking large IV dose of oxycontin – good flood Ibogaine Hcl given 20mgs/kg. Blanked out – not much memory – felt acutely depressed afterwards (no hx of depression) Day 3 injected an ampoule of water and washings from his last teaspoon – felt even more depressed after that but confessed his lapse. Day 4 treated with another flood dose of ibogaine HCL 600mg total dose ibogaine HCL 26.45mg/kg. Had a good visionary journey – little down the next day then started feeling much better – awesome – free of the opiate addiction – drove off with his wife Day 7. Sept 2013 remains free of drugs.

Case 34. September 2012.

Case 17 returned to try a homeopathic dose – he took 200mg of a very weak Total Alkaloid 20%, dissolved in warm water, had an instant effect and all night visionary journey (after having a very mediocre journey on 2200mg of a stronger Total Alkaloid 30% prior = 33mg/kg!)

Case 35 October 2012

Case 24 was beginning to lapse after 3 month and have polydrug binges as before though remaining off the zoloft. Treated with 16mg/kg of PTA (80% Ibogaine HC) with very deep and therapeutic journey – remains free of drugs September 2013.

Case 36. November 2012

31 y o male detox from methadone – recently reduced to 45mg daily, hx of multi drug use since late teens. Treated with Ibogaine HCl dose first day 1.2 gm plus 400mg TA 30% , topped up for opiate withdrawal symptoms day 2 with another 600mg HCl, Total dose 2gms HCl = 20mg/kg. He also had 400mg of TA 30% so total Ibogaine HCL dose was 21.2mg/kg. Remained free of opiates for 3 months then lapsed and returned to clinic.

Case 37. November 2012.

38 year old female detox from 40mg methadone, stabilised on oral sevredol for a few days, detoxed with Ibogaine HCl 10.9mg/kg and 30% TA 10.9mg/kg first night, 2nd night boosted up to 14.3mg/kg HCl and 14.3mg/kg 30% TA with addition of 7mg/kg 20% TA . Total dose of Ibogaine HCl 20mg/kg. Did very well, days 10, 11, and 12 boosted with 200mg 20% TA for residual cravings

 Case 38. January 2013

33 yo male Methadone detox, 8 years of methadone maintenance presently reduced to 60mg daily. Treated with Ibogaine HCL 1.4gms first night , then booster of 600mg Day 2. Total dose of Ibogaine HCl 2gms = 22.2 mg/kg. Severe ongoing insomnia on Day 7 required communication to Auckland City Mission with discharge summary and reccomendations for medical support – did very well with this. Then went to Wings, then completed Higher Ground. September 2013 remains free of drugs at Wings.


From January 2013 we moved towards psychotherapeutic treatments with increasing use of the plant medicine Root bark, (approx 6% ibogaine) and weak. Total Alkaloid extract, one 20% Ibogaine and the other 12% Ibogaine. (We participated in a global iboga analysis project done in Barcelona to test the root bark extracts we obtained from different sources.)

Case 39. February 2013

33 y o physiotherapist – came for psychotherapeutic journey to deal with issues that he felt were blocking his emotional and spiritual development – treated with extracted root bark, 5gms x 6% + 1 gm TA 30% Ibo HCl dose 700mg which equals 8.5mg/kg – not much effect so 400mg Ibogaine HCl added at 4.5hrs = TD of Ibogaine HCl 1.1gm = 13.4mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl (but the effect was more like expected from 20mg/kg)

Case 40. Feb 2013

56 y o Medical professional, experienced in use of Iboga alkaloids, tested root bark extract, extracted according to recipe developed by Howard Lotsof, internationally respected founder of the modern day Ibogaine opiate treatment movement, for its effect in inducing the REM sleep pattern. This is thought by Professor Kenneth Alper to be crucial in the Ibogaine journey mediating the cholinergic state of neural plasticity in which old pathological behaviours due to past trauma can be examined and new patterns of behaviour laid down. A dose of 100mg/kg of the 6% root bark, ie 6mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl, (felt to be more equivalent to 11- 12mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl, or 15mg/kg of 30% TA.) after a purge induced about 6 to 8 hours of the typical conscious REM sleep state.

  1. February 2013

45 y o female for psychotherapeutic journey. She had suffered a lot of depression and anxiety in her life after some traumatic events in her twenties, and wanted to address some of these issues. 5gms of extracted 6% root bark, did not have much effect but caused a headache for which she needed ibuprofen the following day. Night 2 she was treated with 400mg of Ibogaine HCl, and this caused a major purge but she also had a very strong psychotherapeutic dream journey, and solved a lot of her issues. Total dose of 6% Root Bark 62.5mg/kg, Ibogaine HCl 5mg/kg

  1. February 2013

60kg female who had previously been detoxed from 100g methadone about 6 months prior, but had lapsed and was taking ocycontin as well as using IV morphine and methadone daily. Treated with Ibogaine HCl Total dose 23.33mg/kg over 2 days.

  1. February 2013

31 y o male detoxed from methadone 3 months prior had lapsed and was taking large daily doses of poppy tea, extracted by himself from poppy seeds. Treated with 71mg/kg dose of 6% root bark to start with and then escalating dose of Ibogaine HCl. He required 25.7mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl to get any effect at all- but had a good opiate detox from that – with much quicker recovery than the first time, due to his reset sleep patterns.

  1. February 2013

51 y o female experienced in the use and treatment of iboga alkaloids, tested 200mg of Ibogaine HCl as the new shipment did not seem to be having much effect on Case 43. 200mg of Ibogaine HCl = 3.7mg/kg proved to cause a powerful purgative effect and dream journey, proving; 1. This was good medicine 2. The differing sensitivities of people to Ibogaine HCl.

  1. March 2013

56 y o male for psychotherapeutic journey to address issues in his life causing him stress with his personal relationships. He was treated with 132mg/kg of extracted 6% root bark, followed by 30mg/kg of 20% TA , followed by 11.3mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl. This induced an 8 hour dream journey folowed by 48 hours of reduced energy, ataxia, anorexia which required IV fluid rehydration. At Day 7 feeling a very positive after glow in reduced anxiety and increased focus, and this persists as at August 2013.

  1. March 2013

64 y o psychotherapeutic treatment referred by another Iboga provider as he had some co-morbidities and needed medical oversight and monitoring. His issues were surrounding post traumatic stress from loosing his home in the Christchurch earthquake and also a near death experience during surgery that went wrong and he ended up in ICU for 2 weeks in a coma. He was treated over 4 days with a mix of 80% Ibogaine and 20% weak TA. Day 1 he was treated with of Ibogaine Hcl which caused a strong purgative reaction followed by a mild dream journey. Day 2 he had a stronger effect with less vomiting from 5.5 mg/kg of Ibogaine Hcl, and Day 4 he had a continued therapeutic effect from 2.7mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl. Total Dose of Ibogaine HCl 19.2 mg/kg.

  1. April 2013

24 y o male psychotherapeutic session, dealing with past trauma, desertion by parents and anger issues over this. He was treated with a root bark extracted by the Howard Lotsof method 100mg/kg of 6% Root Bark brought a medium intensity dream journey but he felt he had not dealt with the issues enough. Day 2 he was treated with a mix of weak Total Alkaloid and then raw root bark in the traditional Bwiti manner, and had a stronger journey, starting to deal with the issues. August 2013 he says he has now had the breakthrough he was looking for and puts his experience at the Iboga Clinic as setting him up for this.

  1. June 2013

Case no 3, 33 y o Male, had now been free of Methadone for 2 and a half years, but was experiencing some opiate withdrawal type symptoms along with stressful relationship issues, and requested a psychotherapeutic session. He was given 6000mg of the weak TA extract 20%, which contains 15.5mg/kg of Ibogaine HCl along with other alkaloids. This caused a very strong dream journey.

  1. June 2013

49 y o male for psycho-therapeutic journey for issues surrounding the death of his partner a few months prior. He was treated with 4000mg of the 20% TA, total dose 52.6 mg/kg, which caused a mild journey so was topped up with 400mg of Ibogaine HCl giving a total dose of Ibogaine HCl 19.7mg/kg. He expressed being able to connect on a very deep level to his feelings of self and love.

  1. June 2013

56 y o male previous alcoholic, experienceing some stress with work and family, requested psychotherapeutic session to deal with these issues. He was given 4400mg of 20% Total Alkaloid with addition of 400mg HCl giving a good dream journey on Total dose of Ibogaine HCl 13.91 mg/kg.

  1. June 2013

24 y o male with addiction to alcohol and cannabis, in trouble with the law re drink driving charges, wished to heal some anger issues he had regarding relationship with his parents and other people, and also deal with chronic anxiety and depression. 4000mg of Total Alkaloid 20% followed by 400mg of Ibogaine HCl – giving a Total Dose of Ibogaine HCl 14.8 mg/kg – brought a strong journey with good resolution of the issues.

  1. June 2013

Case Number 37 was off methadone but having issues with alcohol and also sneaking a bit of codeine, and wished to deal with issues with a psycho-therapeutic journey. treated with 4000mg of 20% TA plus 200mg HCl giving a Total Dose of Ibogaine HCl 18.1mg/kg giving a good resolution of her issues and is doing well September 2013.


A new batch of Ibogaine HCl arrived allowing another Opiate detox, in cooperation with Dr Geoff Noller and MAPS sponsored Trial of Ibogaine in Opiate detox which requires the use of 100% pure Ibogaine HCl. Details of next client can be released only following outcome of HDC and coronial inquiries.








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