The plant is Tabernanthe iboga, originating in Africa, and the psycho-active medicinal component of the plant is, unusually, the root bark! Used in West Africa, Gabon and the Cameroon, as a sacrament in the Bwiti religion for centuries, it is only in the last 50 years that its usefulness as a medicine in the context of modern civilisation, has become apparent.

From 1939 to 1970 it was used in France, in very small doses – eight to ten milligrams of the most active alkaloid – known as Ibogaine hydrochloride – per tablet – listed for use in ‘asthenia’, and recommended for indications that included fatigue, depression, and recovery from infectious disease.

It was not till the early 1960s, as the legend goes, that a New York heroin addict named Howard Lotsof tried a larger dose of an extract of the root bark in his psychedelic experimentation with different substances. The journey was great, but what was even greater was the after -effect – the next day he noticed he had no craving for opiates. He waited for the withdrawal symptoms, but they never came. Then he tried it on some of his friends, and the same beneficial effect was noted. Thus was born the legend of Ibogaine or Iboga as an incredibly effective and painless detox off opiates.

Howard Lotsof passed on to the next world in early 2010, but not before being honoured at the first International Conference for Ibogaine providers, held in Sayulita, Mexico. With his  Israeli colleague, and Ibo provider, Boaz Wachtel, he has spent many years developing his knowledge of the use of this medicine, and the record of these explorations is now available in the Ibogaine Dossiers – a great resource for those interested in taking the medicine or becoming providers themselves.

In many countries in the world the medicine is illegal, following the example of the USA, where it is listed as Schedule 1, a category of medicine decided to have a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use in treatment and a lack of accepted safety for use of the substance under medical supervision. Thus most American providers, for example Rocky Carravelli and his crew in Sayulita Mexico – see Links page – have been driven out of the US, mostly to Mexico and the Carribbean.

In New Zealand, due to several enquiries about importing Ibogiane, and also the efforts of a Maori woman, Marie Cotter, and her continual pressure to provide a detoxification method for the many thousands of methamphetamine addicts in NZ, the medicine was considered by Medsafe, the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.

In November 2009 the Medsafe committee decided to classify Ibogaine as a prescription medicine. Minutes of the Medsafe meeting can be seen here.

Thus, in the years of 2010 and 2011, Dr Cornelius and Anah van Dorp  attended the 2nd International Conference for Ibogaine providers in Barcelona, and then began treatments in the Far North of New Zealand. 2012 finds us now operating a full time detoxification service in Kaitaia.

In March 2012 we presented the development of our Iboga Clinic as well as some of the history and science behind Iboga detox to the New Zealand Association of Opioid Treatment Providers in Wellington, and how we came to found our Iboga Clinic in the Far North. The same presentation as well as some of the cases listed on our Cases page was presented at the October 2012 Vancouver Conference. The presentation can be viewed here.


21 thoughts on “iBoga

  1. A Shaman friend of mine told me about Iboga and I was wondering if there is any way to buy it ?
    will anyone ship it to me?
    Blessings & Miracles

    • In New Zealand it is classified as a prescription medicine which has to be administered under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner – so unfortunately we cant supply it. I’m not sure what country you are writing from – suggest you check out the legal status where you are. And you’re always welcome to come and visit us at the HerbShack.

  2. Hi, I’m so pleased to have found you. I’m in hot pursuit of a way to stop taking oxycontin, and am very pleasantly surprised to find it available here. How do I make contact with you and ask about next steps? I’m an ex hospital patient, prescribed it for pain control and have tried a number of times to stop taking it but the withdrawals are too much and I go back on after 48 hours. I have no interest the getting high side of oxy and will be glad to say bye bye and regain my mental clarity and energy.
    Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you,

  3. Does Iboga have any effect in the treatment of psychological illnesses such as schizoid personality type behaviour, avoidant personality disorder and extreme clinical depression?I recall reading about its positive psychological effects as well as its assistance with addiction. I don’t know where to turn.

    • Certainly for depression there is a lifting of the grey cloud for some time after an iboga journey – and I have observed for schizoid symptoms as well. One of the Internationally accepted exclusion criteria for Iboga treatment is a history of psychosis, and I think this is because the spirit plant teacher can cause some temporary dissociative symptoms – some people can loose their grip on what reality they are dreaming for a day or two, in my experience – but so far they have always recovered to complete insight into where they had travelled to, and as a consequence became more solid in their grip on a happy and healthy reality.
      Dr Kamlet in the US is reporting 1800+ treatments with “zero mortality and zero morbidity” – and I think that must therefore include zero incidence of psychotic break following treatment as well – or at least zero incidence of permanent ongoing psychosis. These DSM4 labels that Doctors put on people eg; -“schizoid personality type behaviour” – are often a white man’s attempt to understand an indigenous mind set in my opinion. “Avoidant personality disorder” is simply a human adaptation to intolerable stress – sometimes with a generational perspective! To us every soul is created in the image of God, and is “a mine rich in gems of inestimable value”! The thing about these labels is that they tell doctors what pharmaceuticals might best control the mal-adaptive symptoms, but often the cure is worse than the disease. Our trustee and psychiatric nurse John has some definite opinions on whether these labels are valid at all – I hope he might share those with you!
      WE have found that Iboga is good at detoxing people, not only for the common recreational drugs – opiates, speed, crack cocaine, methamphetamine etc – but also from some of the legally prescribed pharmaceuticals- especially the anti-depressants. You might say that this is a phyto-ceutical that not only detoxes from the anti-depressant pharmaceuticals but also handles the depression in the process! The more I work with it – the more I am amazed at its miraculous properties – it’s Light and its Power! If you want to see if we can accept you for treatment at Te Whare Rongoa please email anah@herbshack.co.nz for a questionnaire – Peace and Blessings to You Paul.

  4. There are strongly held opposing views about schizophrenia – and some suspect it doesn’t exist (which, having worked for over 20 years in mental health, is what I have come to believe).
    For many, the experience of ‘schizophrenia’ is very scary – one of feeling like they are disintegrating, as though there is no solid core to hold on to, as though the self is at risk of annihilation.
    Many plant healers in high doses create this same effect – it is termed ‘ego death’ and to many it is terrifying and feels like they are going to die – all very similar to ‘schizophrenia’.
    The big difference is that the person with a history of abuse, trauma, loss, disconnection and no essential sense of self is usually terrified by any further disintegration of the ego boundaries. The person with a sound sense of self can, with courage, accept and face the ego death induced by the plant healers, in the full knowledge that following the ego death, there is a reassembling, a becoming ‘more whole’ than before.
    Anyone who continues to experience ‘schizophrenia’ type symptoms and who wants to take the path towards wholeness is encouraged to stay away from anything that disintegrates the already fragile ego (booze, drugs and even plant healers) until they have been assisted to establish a strong sense of self – and this may take several years. As a very rough gauge, an indicator of reasonable ego boundaries is a sense of feeling like a solid person (many people who have acquired the schizophrenia label, don’t feel quite ‘real’) and having the ability to say ‘no’ to people without undue guilt. Once there is a strong sense of self, then consider experiencing the life enhancing and mind awakening benefits of plant healers such as iboga.
    As to where you should turn – seek out someone who believes absolutely in recovery and who will involve you as a co-author in any recovery plans. If you ask the question, “What has caused this?”, be wary of those who insist it is a biological disease because by definition they do not believe in recovery from this ‘disease’ and will look to medications to provide long term control of the ongoing experiences. Let me know the region you live in and I may be able to point you in a helpful direction.

  5. Hello,
    Its a profound gratitude to write to you.We have been in the Iboga business for 11 years now.Recently, we engaged in a project with the farmers of Cameroon and Gabon for the extraction in the Netherlands of PTA-HCL. Which is th best every product in the market now.1g sells at $262.00USD.But we can sell for $175.0USD/g if bought in bulk.We can make a sample shipment for a lab test.

  6. Im really interested in this miracle and would love to know about clinical treatment in nz.ruined from trying to get off methadone.any info would be…potentially dissapointing(ha) but appreciated none the less

  7. Greetings to everyone,
    Does anyone have a rating system for ibogaine clinics? Were in usa and looking for a clinic or treatment but it’s difficult to find accurate info, we have a group of 5 people any info is better than what I got now. Janet

    • Hello Janet – we are not doing any treatments here in NZ at the moment, but I might be able to point you in the right direction. There are a few Iboga providers around the world, and most of them belong to or are affiliated with GITA – Global Ibogaine Therapists Alliance http://ibogainealliance.org/ You coud get in touch with them. All of the contacts on our links page we know and trust as well.

  8. Hello I’m incredibly hopeful of a having a portion of time in this life without emotional pain and torture from childhood abuse and a rape by 3 men at 18 while serving in the U.S.Navy. Then years of depression PTSD and finally drug addiction for fibromyalgia and four disc herniations in my back which I took oxycontin as prescribed for 7 years, then suboxone and now methadone 100mgs daily. Please help me to see myself for once in my life. How can I order it or who can I see. I’m in Daytona Beach,Fl. I’m also interested ofcourse in helping others know about this miracle after I’m treated. I realize that I will have to maintain myself. Please contact me asap. My son is 5 and all I want to do is give him the best of me. Help. Email at kingskyeprod08@gmail.com or call 626-239-8860. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Nichole, my answer to you is don’t give up! Iboga can certainly help you get off the methadone and also help you heal the damage caused by the terrible events of your childhood. Unfortunately we cant help you at the moment as our iboga clinic is closed at least until the inquiry is finished into our adverse event – see the post from last July 2013. The only treatment providers we know in your neck of the woods are

      http://www.ibogaquest.com – that is Barry and Veronica lovely people who are focused more on healing psychospiritual journey but can do methadone detox as well. My most popular youtube video (all of 305 views) is about our visit to their clinic in Tepoztlan Mexico

      https://www.awakeninginthedream.com/index.html – Rocky and Asha are very experienced at opiate detox and their treatments are very spiritual and holistic with a focus on nutrition to prevent relapse – the Dream house is a really cool place

      Wishing you lots of love and peace on your journey

  9. Hello…I’m interested to know if Naltrexone is derived from Iboga? I have recently been taking this at low dosage as prescribed by my MD / Nuntritionalist as it is a useful therapy for immune disorders. I know it was originally used at high dosage for opiate addicts.

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