iBoga detox

These pages outline ibogaine treatments.

Treatment can take between 2 to 7 days depending on the reason for treatment.

The first night of administration there will be two people watching over you as the first 12 hours of your treatment you are monitored constantly.

We supply nutritious meals, make sure you drink plenty of water and exercise by going for walks and swims to get the body moving

The cost of opiate or alcohol detox is $5000 NZD including meals and accommodation, but in some cases for locals funding support may be available.

For methamphetamine detox the cost is $6500 and may take up to two weeks.

For psycho spiritual sessions the cost is $3500 NZD as this type of treatment is less labour intensive and we need to be with you for less time.

It is best not to do the treatment in your home. It is preferable that it’s done in a neutral environment – we have developed an ibogaine treatment room at our clinic in Kaitaia that is in a quiet setting looking out on a herbal medicine garden, but only 2 minutes away from the local hospital.

Prior to treatment you need to get an ECG ( heart test) and a series of blood tests- including full blood count, kidney function and liver function to make sure your liver is strong enough for the treatment. You should be able to do this at your local doctor’s office.

If you are asked why this is necessary let the doctor know that it is a request from our treatment clinic to see the state of your liver and heart – if it is strong enough to handle ibogaine detoxification.

For opiate withdrawal, especially methadone you may need to stay for up to 7 days.

For psycho spiritual journey you should only need to stay for 4 days.

People wishing to have treatment at the iBoga Clinic must fill out our questionnaire. For a copy of the questionnaire please send an email to anah@herbshack.co.nz or write to the following postal address.

The iBoga Clinic, PO Box 454, Kaitaia, Northland, New Zealand.


Reason for treatment?

If addiction, what is the nature of the addiction, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, alcohol etc?

How long addicted?

Whether addicted or not what other substances do you use?

Any history of psychosis? Or interaction with mental health services?

Drugs used in the last month?

Amounts used and how often?

Do you smoke?

Do you drink alcohol ?

Do you have any medical past history? Asthma? diabetes? High blood pressure? Heart Disease? DVT? (clots in the deep veins)

Have you had any operations or anaesthetics?

Have you had any psychiatric history?

Medication you are on, eg; antidepressants.

Any allergies?

Height and weight?


Male or female?

Next of kin?

Foods you don’t like to eat?

Foods you like?

Thank-you for filling this questionnaire – this information will be kept locked up at our clinic and only available to Cornelius and Anah van Dorp. Any sharing of information with other medical professionals or anyone at all will only be with your direct permission

Yours truly

Cornelius and Anah van Dorp


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