The Ibogaine Dossier – the original encyclopaedic site developed by Howard Lotsof and Boaz Wachtel.

Mindvox – an excellent and amusing resource, created by New York Ibogaine initiate Patrick Kroupa, containing the chequered history of the medicine in the USA and including a discussion forum known as the Ibogaine List.

Myeboga – a great site for everything one wishes to know about Eboga, created by Irish  Iboga initiate Lee Albert, the author of a book about his Eboga experience entitled Amazing Grace.

Awakening in the Dream House – all about the Dream House in Salulita Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta, coordinated by Rocky Carravelli.  We have found Rocky’s protocols for methamphetamine and opiate detox very helpful in developing our own protocols – many thanks to Rocky, Asha, Mary, and all at the Dream House.  – another good collection of information about iboga from Nick Sandberg in Dorset.

Iboga Australia – a link to the one and only brave heart Jasen, who is now working with us in New Zealand, but is an important link for anyone in Australia.

Proceedings of the First International Conference – The Conference was coordinated in 1999, and the proceedings published in a book edited by Dr Kenneth R Alper, New York University School of Medicine, and Dr Stanley Glick, Albany Medical College. This book contains an extensive coverage of the science done to date on the iboga alkaloids, and is essential reading for all iboga or ibogaine providers. It can be read online or hard copy ordered at this link.

Ibogaine – Rite of passage – The most widely spread documentary used as audiovisual introductory tool into Ibogaine’s use for the treatment of addiction. Shot and produced by Ben de Loenen, the film is available for purchase along with an excellent documentary containing an in-depth view of the Pharmacology and Medical Treatment process – at his website – ICEERS – International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research, and Service.

Ibogatherapy in the Netherlands – Iboga centrum – a ceremony in a luxurious bungalow in the Netherlands


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    • many thanks for your guardianship emile – we’re still undecided on this but tending to think ngalim is a good guy – we both enjoy communicating with him – his poetic soul – and so far we have 1kg of root bark that looks good, and 50grams of TA , which has subtle properties but not very strong – i figure about 10% ibogaine HCL but definitely iboga – a different sort of alkaloid mix which i am getting analysed to see what it is – watch this space. ngalim says it is his american TA extractor that has ripped him off and run away with all his good root bark – and now he is in trouble with his local tribe people whom he owes for their root bark. anyway we trust that with an open heart and some iboga the truth will surface very soon – the truth is out there my friend!

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